Kent school sports news

Kent School is one of the best known co-educational private schools situated in Kent within Connecticut, United States. Kent School dates back to 1906 when it had been set up by way of Reverend Fredrick Herbert Sill from the Episcopal Church. This particular school has students coming from all over america together with THIRTY additional foreign nations. This school offers a curriculum which involves both academics as well as sports activities and gives equivalent importance to both these areas.

Kent School is one of the members of the Founders League and competes in 32 varsity sports groups. The school features 22 interscholastic sports activities and 56 interscholastic teams. More than one third of the student population from Kent School is known to take part in these sporting activities. Numerous students from Kent School have made news whenever they have gone on to perform in Division I, II and III groups within college and University competitions.

Kent School posseses an organized rowing team known as the Kent School Boat Club. This particular club had been founded during 1922 and has 3 varsity boats. The fourth boat participates in varsity boat competitions. They are also recognized to conduct spring training sessions which take place during the schools springtime break. The Crew of this club has gone on to win several challenges such as the Thames Challenge Cup.

They have been consistent in their success within this sport and have won five times during their participation at Henley. The Kent Girls Crew was started in 1973 and this team too has been as triumphant as its counterpart. They won the competition in Henley during 2002 and have also won 2 National Titles together with a number of New England Championships

The schools arch competitor in sports activities is the Loomis Chaffe School. Their long standing rivalry culminates every year in the annual Kent V/S Loomis day in which both schools take part in a number of sports challenges. Kent School features a quite strong football team which has been the undisputed leader for six consecutive years within this challenge. The Kent school football team is also among the very first private American schools which will play globally during the fall. They have been asked as well as sponsored by Global Football that is affiliated to the National Football League. The Kent Football team will compete up against the Danish National Junior Squad in an event that is to take place within London in an effort to promote football.

Most of the success which Kent School has got within its athletic endeavors can be assigned to its superb instructors. A lot of the coaches stay on campus and have a lot more opportunities of interacting with the students. This understanding assists the coach to create coaching techniques keeping the students in mind. The school also has fantastic training amenities both with regard to indoor and outdoor sports activities and a high tech health and fitness centre. These types of services consist of 13 outdoor tennis courts, 13 playing fields, a cross-country running course, a 25 yard, 6 lane, diving swimming pool, squash courts etc. To add to this is the 1200 acre campus that includes the particular Appalachian Trail.