Peter lion sports news announcer

Peter Lion had been keen towards writing at a very early age. During his developing up years within Connecticut he was seen dabbling in poetry as well as authored numerous short tales. His talent in this discipline had been additionally honed when after joining the Notre Dame High School in Connecticut he began contributing to the actual students school newspaper.

He set out to make a profession of his enthusiasm for the words and phrases by means of initially obtaining a degree in Journalism through the Southern Connecticut State University. He published his very first magazine article in the Hartford Magazine well before he had graduated along with his journalism degree.

He ventured into the television business also before he had finished his college. A few months prior to graduating, Peter Lion took up employment with WTNH-TV as being a part tome graphics operator. This particular television channel was an affiliate of the ABC network and also had been centered out of New Haven. Peter Lion though, had simply no experience in this field snapped up this chance to acquire an access as well as to generate a foothold within the news and television sector.

He learned the rules swiftly, comprehending the technical issues on the operation of the television network as well as remained a part of this channel for more than a period of two years. betting expert

Then he relocated to Boston and began working with WSBK as being a Technical Director. He handled a number of projects, his key one remaining the Boston Red Sox Baseball and Boston Bruins Hockey. However, his desire to be within television and his love for penning pulled him back to his home state as part of a small television station start-up.

He joined this team as being a director and a technical director for the 10 PM news cast, that was to be the very first within the state. He grabbed this chance of presenting his expertise and knowledge as in his stint in Boston he has had the opportunity of working together with several accomplished directors. He used this kind of understanding to build the actual show from scratch.

Peter Lion moved to Pittsburg and joined up with KADA TV right after completing two years with this start up. In his stint with this tv network, he milked the many areas of his expertise and functioned as a weather anchor, announcer, news producer, feature producer and director. It was during his stint with KADA-TV that Peter Lion discovered motivation for his book titled “The American St. Nick”.

Then he transferred back to Connecticut and became a part of ESPN sports network. Still a part of ESPN, he is responsible for a number of their shows such as Sports Centre as well as the NFL Draft through his position in the organization as being a Director. His main show however, remains, College Gameday.

He has been a two time winner of the Emmy awards, although he has been nominated frequently for his contribution in the television industry. He got his very first Emmy for his work within Sports Centre as well as received his second Emmy for the show NFL countdown.

Aside from working, Peter Lion is currently working on his second book. He is also part of a band which goes by the name of “Cheaper than Therapy” and is also their lead singer and guitarist