Popular sporting activities and major sports news and score services.

Sports news and score updates is often a portion of the daily feed that all sports enthusiast seek out either in their morning paper or in the sports news channels. Sports, for such people, is a lot more than a religion and is also followed with a passionate fervor. Some sports that have achieved a universal cult like status are rugby, football, basketball and baseball.

Baseball though started in Europe, it was America that adopted it and this sport has now become probably the most popular sports in the nation. Together with the foundation of the Major League Baseball, this sport became a lot more organized. The MLB consists of 30 teams out of which 29 are based out of the USA and one team is based from Canada. There are 162 games which are played each baseball season and all the sports news and scores are aired by Fox Sport and ESPN alike. Both these channels have already been covering the MLB series from a fairly long time though it is Fox Sports that broadcasts each of the games of the World Series exclusively.

Rugby or American football is really a full contact team sport which is also seriously popular in the United States. American Football is played at the professional level and is also very popular as a college sport. There are two very prominent football leagues which have been present in the United States known as the United Football League and also the National Football League. The professional footballers are all a part of NFL and the UFL. The NFL American Football final championship game is referred to as the Super Bowl and has a tremendous fan base. The Super Bowl sports news and scores and updates are aired by Fox Sports and ESPN.

ESPN airs basketball sports news and scores regularly pursuing the NBA season very closely. The NBA or the National Basketball Association just like the MLB has thirty teams and sees an overall total of 82 games being played by these teams. From these 82 games, 41 games are played in the respective teams home turf. Other than ESPN, news and score updates in connection with game and developments in the teams is closely followed by Sporting News, a widely publicized sports magazine.

Some of the other sports news and score updates that are searched by sports fans come from some very unconventional sports like extreme sports and fantasy sports. Extreme sports are sports that have a very high degree of danger, physical strength, endurance test and dexterity associated with it. Unconventional sports for example sky diving, snowboarding, surfing, ice climbing etc are classified as extreme sports. Extreme sports news and scores and live events are specially aired by ESPN in collaboration with the X Games, the biggest and also the most prestigious of all extreme sports events.

Fantasy sports is a recent development in the world of virtual sports where participants or players play regular sports including baseball, basketball, football, cricket etc over the virtual medium following a chosen sports season. This class of sports has grown to be so well received that major sports news providers such as Fox Sports, ESPN and Yahoo sports have separate channels that give all the information regarding fantasy sports news and scores to its followers.